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Top 10 Places on my Bucket List

Top 10 Places on my Bucket List

I never really had the opportunity to travel when I was younger, and now working full time- it’s still a challenge. However, I’m still in love with the world and the opportunities that come with it. Below are 10 places that I would kill (not literally) to go to.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island just south of India. It has a beautifully diverse landscape that range from sandy beaches to rainforests. A country filled with so much culture and history. Sri Lanka holds ancient Buddhist ruins. But that’s not why I want to go there. I would love to go to Sri Lanka for it’s blissful energy. There are so many areas that focus on inner peace and tranquility which is something I believe we all need room for.


Switzerland is known for many things: it has medieval quarters, amazing landmark.. It has ski resorts and hiking trails. It’s a key location for the banking and finance industry. Let’s not even get started on the chocolate. All these reasons add up to how much I would “kill” (again not literally) to be here, I just want to take in this city, this environment, maybe get a watch while I’m at it.


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for tropical beaches, ornate temples, and opulent palaces. In Bangkok it’s a super modern city that holds iconic temples… and nearby there are amazing beach resorts.

But I really want to go for the food. I believe Thai food really gets it right in the spices deparment. They hold such rich aromas and flavors. Honestly, a dream would be to take a cooking class in Thailand learning to cook native dishes and not the commercial “Drunken Noodles.”


Another Southeast Asian country- it’s capital, Manila is famous for its waterfronts, architecture, and history. I’m drawn to this country for its culture and the underappreciated beaches.


Spain has always been at the top of my list. Ever since I saw a documentary on the Sagrada Familia, I’ve been drawn to the architecture, the artwork, the culture, the food, etc. I could only dream of immersing myself in the culture of Spain.



A country just sitting on the equator on South America’s west coast; filled with diverse landscapes that encompass the Amazon jungle, Andean highlands, and the Galapagos Islands. I’d love to go just to be able to see the diverse landscape. It sounds so crazy to one minute be at the beach and several miles away there’s a rainforest or highland.

The Netherlands (Amsterdam)  

The Netherlands is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, and cycling routes. This country is filled with so much history and art from the house where Anne Frank hid during WWII to the Van Gogh Museum.

I want to go to the tulip fields though. They’re my favorite flower, I’ve gone to one in Virginia, but a tulip field in the Netherlands? Where the plant can flourish? Sounds so perfect and peaceful.


Iceland is a Nordic island nation it has an INSANE landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and lava fields. Most people with in the capital, Reykjavik, which runs on geothermal power. Iceland’s a dream because the blue lagoon, the hot springs, and I would love to whale watch here.

South Africa

There’s just something about this place that draws me in. There’s so much diversity with people sharing their traditions, languages, and cuisines. There’s a wonderful wildlife that you only see in the movie The Lion King, and the beaches are gorgeous.

What draws me to South Africa is not just its diversity, but there’s a Giraffe hotel and giraffes are my absolute FAVORITE animal.


Argentina is a massive South American nation that encompasses the Andes mountains, glacial lakes, and grassland. This country is famous for tango dance and music. But one of its key features that keep me in love are the penguins. I would LOVE to go to a beach with little penguins. AHH! I definitely cannot contain this excitement.