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5 Wardrobe Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner 

5 Wardrobe Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner 

Has your closet gotten out of hand? Your clothes filled with sweat stains, panty hose have runs in them, or your zipper won’t stay up? Here are 5 wardrobe hacks you will have wished you’d known sooner!

1. Fold & Organize Your T-Shirts Effectively

I have loads of college t-shirts and this really organized my shirts for the long term. This method allows you to organize your t-shirts to see each shirt and design while not making a mess trying to pull one out.

before and after folded t-shirts

Information from: GoodHouseKeeping

2. Stop Runs In Pantyhose With Hairspray

Information from: WhoWhatWear

3. Create Double Hangers With Can Tabs to Condense Your Wardrobe

Make some more space in your closer by using can tabs as a hanger holder to create double hangers! I use this method to organize outfits and keep my pants layered

row of empty hangers

Information from: LifeHacker

4. Remove Sweat Stains With Lemon

Remove those pesky yellow stains with lemon juice. Just mix equal parts lemon juice and water and rub it over the affected area.

Helpful hint: Use table salt to scrub away the stain.


Information from: TopCleaningSecrets

5. Keep Your Zipper From Unzipping With A Key Ring

Attach a key ring to your zipper and hook it on to your button to keep your jeans from unzipping.

Close up of blue jeans zipper

Information from: LifeHacks

These 5 hacks saved my life! But it doesn’t stop here, check out my Style Guide page for similar advice.