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Fun & Easy Budgeting Spreadsheets for the Modern Millennial

Fun & Easy Budgeting Spreadsheets for the Modern Millennial

I started working at 21 at a tech start-up, I was a content producer… in terms of this start up it meant “Junior Editor,” and boy did I edit. When I started with this company I had a beautiful $0 in my savings. I was a wreck when it came to financial accumulation or responsible spending; or what my parents like to call “being an adult.”

I just HATED the thought of not being able to do something I want to do, I hated having to say no to a shopping spree and I hated not having 3 meals a day at different restaurants with my friends or ordering a $6 coffee at Starbucks. But I wanted to buy my own place and move out, so I took an alternative route when I started working, I started budgeting, I had no desire to say “goodbye” to my social life, and I did my absolute best to keep it thriving even with this new goal to buy my own place.

I spent a week living normally and I wrote down every penny I spent, from gas to dinner to drinks, to snacks, to the metro- I wrote it all down and then I cried… $1300. I was spending $1300 a month on unnecessary dinners, drinks, and clothes.

So I began cutting down on shit. I forced myself up 5 minutes earlier and made coffee (definitely not everyday though.. I’m the opposite of a morning person, I’m a morning nightmare). I started inviting my friends out for happy hours instead of dinners. I started doing group hangouts rather than one on one intimate hang outs. Lastly, I started packing lunch and eating breakfast at home. It was a small inconvenience but it added up to a LOT of savings.

I hate cash so I starting using those credit card gift cards to manage my money. When it came down to it getting a gift card rejected is a lot less embarrassing than having your credit card get rejected or your check card charge you a $35 overdraft fee

Anyways- enough about me and let’s get to the point. I’ve attached my own personal spreadsheet that helped me get my life together and hopefully it can really help you, depending on how you stay organized.

Tell me how this works for you!

budget vs. actual spreadsheet

Budget vs. Actual

Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget Spreadsheet