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Dress Business & Stay Yourself

Dress Business & Stay Yourself

Since starting this new job, I’ve been surrounded with young #GirlBosses who are inspirational, girls who are 25 and killing it in their department, girls who speak with strength and walk with confidence, girls who are comfortable in their skin and what they put on it. Since starting here, that’s something I’ve been struggling with, finding my place, finding my home, getting comfortable in this new skin. And what I’ve noticed is that they don’t dress in clean cut business attire/ business casual attire. These girls who are strong, comfortable, confident dress with personality. Their style whether it be soft, grunge, minimal, girly, etc. these #GirlBosses have been able to incorporate themselves into their work clothes which contributed to their comfort and confidence- it’s something I wanted to do. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard for me to do this, most of my outfits consist of distressed jeans and crop tops, which is definitely against our dress code policy.


Here are my business style observations from watching these young #GirlBosses run the corporate world in 5 inch heels.

1. Stick to your core colors. Everyone has a set of colors, just take a look in your closet and see what stands out the most. If you see lots of pastels incorporate pastel, if you see a lot of gem tones wear gem tones. Just because office attire is black, blue and white does not mean you need to be. My personal style teeters on the edge of classy urban with a sprinkle of prep. I choose to wear dark colors like blacks, grays, olive, and burgundy.

2. Wear shoes that make you walk with good posture. Positive posture has been shown to bring you confidence. Personally I love wearing heels. Although my feet don’t always like it, I have several surprisingly comfortable pairs of heels that can last me a full work day and match my personal style. For me, heels help with my posture and with that I feel tall and in control. Heels can help you feel like a big fish, even though in reality you might be a little fish in a sea of sharks.

3. Legging material, business pants. Like I said- Dress comfortable and fit your style. Express has some amazing dress pants that are legging material, and are made to be fitted like leggings. It’s a classic business casual piece, but the material makes you feel comfortable and like you’re in your everyday attire. This comfort allows you to be more bold with different blouses to fit your attitude.

4. Incorporate Jewelry. Jewelry is your friend. I’m very minimal with my jewelry, but I’ve seen many girl bosses, who use jewelry to show personality. For example, I have a coworker who is VERY punk. She’s the dark lipstick, studded clothes, and combat boots type girl. Unfortunately, this style doesn’t always bode well. To combat this she dresses each outfit up with different jewelry- lots of rings, cool necklaces, edgy earrings. It’s adding a small piece of yourself to an otherwise not completely yourself outfit.

5. Fabric & cut. The fabric and cut of your clothes can really reflect your inner style. Focus on the type of shirt you’re wearing, just because Pinterest tells you to wear a quarter sleeve, chiffon button up does not mean you have to. Today, I saw a #GirlBoss wearing a really cute velvet t-shirt style slightly cropped top into a meeting with clients. She made it work to fit her edgy style, she looked comfortable, and she walked with confidence. To top it off: it was still work appropriate.