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Decorating Your Office Desk

Decorating Your Office Desk

I’m in a pickle. Since I started this new job, I’ve been asked and re-asked – “Why haven’t you decorated your desk, yet?” And with a worried look I say, “I don’t know.” Because saying why is embarrassingly pessimistic, and that’s not how you make friends.

I haven’t decorated my desk, because what if I get fired? I have to sit and take the time to pack up my desk? Opposed to just grabbing my tumbler and running away? What sounds easier to you?

However, after being asked 15 times- you have to give a little. So, this week I’m taking on the task of decorating my office desk.

But where do I start? …Pinterest.

I start looking at office desks to get some inspiration, and I settle on a color pallet- Gold, White Marble, and Blush Pink. It’s so pretty, guys. Just look on Pinterest you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Here are the 5 items I purchased to bring my desk to life:


I love pens and different writing utensils so the first thing I invested in was a gold pencil holder with four holders. I separated it into pens, sharpies, colored pens, and highlighters. It also gave me an excuse to buy pretty pens!

Marble Water Canister

I got a water bottle specifically for work. This way I’m not required to carry one more thing in and out of the office.

Gold File Paper Holder

Right now, I don’t have that many documents, but I do know that I’m a paper user. I like being able to write on a document, draw, and edit with my hands. So this will help me stay organized.

Plant Accent

Honestly, I thought it was really cute and matched. There’s no beneficial use other than that.

Picture Frame

My picture frame! It’s so cute. I have a polaroid print camera and I put pictures with my family, of my dog, of my boyfriend, my friends in it. It’s small but it carries a lot of sentimental value and gives me something to look at whenever I’m feeling down.

I see the benefit of decorating your desk. After spending 40 hours a week somewhere you want to make it feel home-y and comfortable. You want to enjoy sitting there. I don’t know how much it’ll help or if it’ll help me feel  comfortable at work, but I’ll let you know.

Do you have a cute desk? Definitely DM me a picture and I’ll feature it in a follow up blog post!